Day three in Rome

Our third day in Rome started pretty early! We got up to beat the lines at the Colosseum. Successfully I will say. Shortly after we finished and headed to check out the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill the line looked like it does in the third picture below. We spent most of the afternoon exploring Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum.

After we finished up we had a quick bite for lunch (Mario’s by Trajan’s Market well deserving of another plug) on the way back to hotel for a short nap. After recouping we popped out for dinner and a nice stroll to the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain to wrap up the trip.







Palatine Hill overlooking the Colosseum


Baths of Septimius Severianus


House of the Vestals


House of the Vestals


Temple of Vesta


Temple of Saturn overlooking the Roman Forum


Septimius Severus Arch


 The Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine