We showed up to Nashville in shorts and flip flops which was a big mistake. Walking around downtown Nashville was very entertaining but I definitely am missing the warm weather. Beautiful buildings and… Continue reading

Georgia Sky

The skies are absolutely gorgeous here! Even with city lights and all and I could still see more stars than I can in Oklahoma. Every day the trip seems to get better and… Continue reading

St. Marys, GA

Day 4 went great! It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed the scenery around St. Marys.

Biloxi, MS to St. Marys, GA Part 2

Did some serious R&R today. We made it safely to Georgia and the real fun has begun!

Biloxi, MS to St. Marys, GA

The trip from Biloxi to our ultimate destination was beyond relaxing. We drove along the coast for the better part of the day. We got out and walked on the beach to stretch… Continue reading

Lafayette Cemetery #1

The cemeteries were definitely well worth the walk to get to them. They are very unique and impressive in their own way.

New Orleans

The trip from Baton Rouge went smoothly. We reached New Orleans around 8:30 and had the whole day to spend in the city. There is definitely something different about this city. Everything flows… Continue reading

Kingfisher to Baton Rouge

Most of the driving today was on the interstate so it was hard to stop and take pictures as much as I planned but the one time i deviated off the interstate at… Continue reading

Lunar Eclipse Part 2

The clouds sitting low in the sky really added to the experience. The whole sky had a red tint to it.

Lunar Eclipse 2010

Watching this eclipse was an absolutely epic experience, and to know that it happens every 450 years makes it that much more inspiring. Some friends and I braved the cold at Okmulgee LakeĀ … Continue reading