Zoo Trip-Animal Shots

Here is part two of my zoo trip series. Hope everyone enjoys them. Advertisements

Zoo Trip-Detail Shots

I recently visited the Tulsa Zoo. Here are several different details, with animal shots soon to follow. The colors in nature never cease to amaze me.

Merry Christmas

So far this holiday season I’ve been feeling a little like Scrooge but after a day with the family decorating for Christmas I’ve finally got my holiday cheer. Hope you guys enjoy my… Continue reading

Leaf Detail

This is another edition of my trip to Okmulgee lake. I am quite positive that fall is my favorite time of the year. The colors are breathtaking and I couldn’t ask for better… Continue reading

Moisture Detail

I seemed to have forgotten how beautiful nature is. I drove out to Okmulgee lake for an afternoon and was truly taken back by the fall colors and the crisp clean air. I… Continue reading

Shamrock, Oklahoma

I was driving back to Okmulgee Thursday morning and I couldn’t resist taking a pit stop in Shamrock on Highway 16 to take a few pictures.

Charlie Shannon

The infamous Charlie Shannon, Dishwasher at Kirby’s Cafe, not long after this shot I got to see Charlie karate kick above his head which I never thought possible. That photo may find its… Continue reading


As mid term comes to a close I’m posting the last two mid term portraits today. Here is Mr. Logan Trexell.



Starter Sportswear

I shot this ad for my visual validation class.