Rock Paper Scissors

This was shot for an editorial sports assignment. I didn’t want to go with any regular sport so I initiated the International Rock Paper Scissors Competition. This is the first competitor, Trygve Anderson.… Continue reading


Yet another photo for Midterm! This is Jeff Conrady.


Athletic shot for midterm. 7 down 3 to go.

Cold Front

I was on my way back to Kingfisher on Highway 16 when i saw this cold front coming through and I had to stop and take some pictures. This doesn’t do it justice.… Continue reading


I shot this for my mid term project. I like clean simple portraits so here you go.

Gladiator Sandals

I shot this for my visual validation class. It was an ad for the sandals Cheyenne is wearing.

Welcome to Candy Castle

This is the carnival entrance in Glenpool, OK. A carnival came through town and I couldn’t pass up the chance to shoot it.


I took this picture on a slow day during internship this summer. Nathan wasn’t quite sure to think about my Canon seeing how he is a Nikon guy himself.

Fair Time!

I saw this carnival set up at Glenpool, OK on the way home from internship and had to come back by later that evening.