Day 7 arriving in Paris

Day 7 was primarily a travel day from England to Paris via the Eurostar. We arrived in Paris that afternoon and after a few missed turns we found our hotel. By the time… Continue reading

Day 6 at Dover Castle

  Day 6 took us on another short jaunt from Deal to a port town called Dover to visit Dover Castle. I had no clue whatsoever how much history this castle carried. It… Continue reading

Day 4 Broadstairs

Day 4 took us to a small beach town close to Hannah’s hometown called Broadstairs. It was a cold dreary day for a beach town visit but enjoyable nonetheless.

Day 3 Canterbury

Day 3 took us to Canterbury, specifically Canterbury Cathedral.

Day 1 Deal, Kent, UK

Holy procrastination! A little bit late but better than never… Here is the start of my trip to England/France in December of 2015. This was day one of Hannah and I’s vacation spent… Continue reading

Red River, NM, Cont’d.

Red River, NM, Cont’d.

Red River, NM

It’s been some time since I’ve taken a road trip but last week I loaded up and drove to Red River, NM, to meet my family with my girlfriend, Hannah. While there I… Continue reading

Jukebox Heroes

IHeart Austin, 103.1 FM, put on a concert at TopGolf a few nights ago in celebration of their first year on air. Their headliner, Jukebox Heroes, asked me to shoot a few pictures… Continue reading

Trail By Tribulation

Recently, Manny and I shot the inaugural obstacle course run for a friend who recently started his own fitness gym. I had a pretty good time doing it and half considered giving it… Continue reading