Austin, TX – Zilker Park Trail

I took a little bike ride yesterday evening and I see why it seems like everyone in Austin is in shape! The trail was absolutely packed from start to finish and to tell… Continue reading

Austin, TX – S Congress

Yesterday was a very busy day for me! I hit the pavement handing out business cards and ended the day 250 cards less than when I started. Even though I was a little… Continue reading

First post in Austin..

So begins my new adventure. I really should be taking more pictures but I’ll be honest.. I’m being a little selfish! I’m way to busy soaking all of this in to be taking… Continue reading

Senior Pictures – Trevor Woods

It’s that time of year again. I enjoy these a little more than I use to for sure.. Trevor is a pretty good kid! However, I’m pretty sure he disliked taking these about… Continue reading

LuGreg Trucking

This is my first job like this and certainly not the last. I honestly enjoyed pretty much all of it. When I’m having enough fun with my job that it doesn’t even seem… Continue reading

Wilkinson Wedding

Round three! Starting to get the hang of all this business!

Townsend Wedding

Here is my second go at the wedding business.. This one was actually sprung on me about 3 hours before the wedding started. Luckily for me the photographer scheduled had to back out… Continue reading

Kingfisher County Fair

Spent the evening at the county fair this Friday night. It reminded me of the good ole days when life was a little less complicated.

Sparks Wedding

Ive been here from the start, engagement photos and bridal portraits, and finally I’m finished with the wedding. I learned a tremendous amount shooting weddings with Nathan Harmon but I was still extremely… Continue reading

Kendon is turning one..