First shot at bridal portraits

Camping trip at Turner Falls

Turner Falls

Just a few pictures from my camping trip last weekend! Needed a quick getaway so I drove to Turner Falls in Davis, OK.. I had a good enough time that I’m headed back… Continue reading

A quick look at the crap that is making my allergies go haywire…

I’ve been sneezing my head off the last few days so I did my best to be optimistic about it so yesterday I went out and made the best of it.

Photoshoot with the one and only..

About two years ago I shot Cheyenne’s very first modeling style photo, which happens to be one of my first posts on my blog. Our talents have most certainly increased since that point… Continue reading

Old Homes, Cont’d.

Home #2 in my new endeavor..

Old Homes

There are so many more of these extremely photogenic old homes than I remembered from my old days driving around taking pictures. Needless to say there are quite a few more updates like… Continue reading

Picking up my camera again…

Well, I knew it had been quite some time since I have picked up my camera.. It most certainly had.. the last pictures on my card were from before Christmas. To say I… Continue reading

Dillon Sparks & Katie Gruntmeir – Engagement Photos

Took my first stab at engagement photos! Katie is a long time friend and I was stoked when she called and asked me if I would shoot these as well as her wedding.… Continue reading

Peyton Yeoman – Senior Pictures

Its been a while since I’ve taken senior pictures and I must say that it isn’t quite my favorite thing to do but Peyton asked me and I couldn’t say no! I had… Continue reading