Picking up my camera again…

Well, I knew it had been quite some time since I have picked up my camera.. It most certainly had.. the last pictures on my card were from before Christmas. To say I… Continue reading

Dillon Sparks & Katie Gruntmeir – Engagement Photos

Took my first stab at engagement photos! Katie is a long time friend and I was stoked when she called and asked me if I would shoot these as well as her wedding.… Continue reading

Peyton Yeoman – Senior Pictures

Its been a while since I’ve taken senior pictures and I must say that it isn’t quite my favorite thing to do but Peyton asked me and I couldn’t say no! I had… Continue reading

Backlit Backyard

I’ve been trying to challenge myself to look at things differently with my photography so when I saw the sun coming into the backyard late this evening I figured I would give back… Continue reading

Los Ninos! Dos

Sunset From The Backyard

While eating dinner tonight I looked out the window and saw one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. I hope everyone else around got to see it in person as pictures… Continue reading

Room Renovation

This is an interesting post for me on a couple different levels. One, being the fact that these are photos of my now recently renovated bedroom. I’ve been working very hard on it… Continue reading

Los Ninos!

I went to watch my lil man, Lucas’s soccer game this morning. I had heard that Lucas was quite the goalie, so I had to see for myself, and it held true! His… Continue reading

A relaxing evening in Victoria.

Salmon Run, Ketchikan, AK